Blender: Light-wrap Node (free download)

Hi folks,
while working on my volcano shot i was in the need of a light-wrap node inside of Blender.
Unfortunately Blender doesn’t offer a light wrapper by default.
instead you have to create a node-group by yourself to get the desired function.

What does the light-wrap node do?
Light wrapping or sometimes light-spilling is a technique to better integrate foreground part of a shot with the background by blending the color of a defined pixel range
from the background onto your foreground image.

Here is a simple  example to show the functionality.



Combined with background, sunflare and vignette:

Although the effect is quite easy to achieve i think it is always convenient  to have it at hand.
So i packed it in a .blend file for you to download. I integrated some other useful effects other artists
came up with, like the famous vignette hack and a sunflare nodegroup used by Andrew Price and many others.

DOWNLOAD .blend file

Alternative DOWNLOAD


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