Living in The Slum: Final Image

With just a couple of days left and not much spare/free time left, i decided to change the original scene i had in mind a bit.

Originally i intended to do a more dramatic scene showing off the violent circumstances in those slums.
But this would involve human characters and i just had not the time to finish the three main characters. There would of course be a shortcut,
using i.e. makehuman. in an real-world project not an issue, but within a competition it would be cheating i guess.

So i decided to go for a more lonesome and sad scene.
I hope you like it. Maybe i will finish the original scene i had in mind, if i can find the time to.

And the clay rendering:


And last but not least, some statistics:

Renderer: Blender internal
Polygons: 10.5 mio
Rendertime: 13 min 26 sec
CPU: AMD Athlon 7750 dualcore w. 8 GB RAM


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