Camera shake addon: Cancelled

I cancelled the work on my Camera shake addon for now, because today i discovered that there is no need for it anymore.

By coincidence (working on another effect shot) i found out that there is now an option to place a start and an end frame (including fade-in / fade-out) in the noise modifier of the graph editor.
This new feature renders my camer-shake addon rather useless.

Gosh, Blender’s development pace is still more than incredible….


Camera-shake addon: Further investigation

A Basic version of the Camera-shake addon is working.

But…….  (you know there is always a but 😉 )

Unfortunately we still have no frame_change event available in Python. So the Addon needs to modify the fcurves of the camera.
That is not the way i want this to work. I want the addon to be non-destructive. I want it to work on-the-fly.

So i will have a look at some (rather outdated) patches i found and will see if i can update them to work with the current Blender svn.
(This may take some time as i am not familiar with the Blender code, and i am most probably the slowest C coder in the world 😉 )

But i will keep you updated on the progress……

New Blender addon: Camera shake

Today i tried to animate the Blender camera during the eruption of my volcano.
I knew there was a possibility to add noise to the camera motion as a modifier in the graph-editor.
But unfortunately this function is very limited. I.e. you can’t set a start- and an end-frame for the shaking.
This is due to the nature of Blender’s animation system. Animation data itself can’t be animated 😉

So i decided to write a Blender camera-shake addon on my own. This addon will (in its final state) allow to add shaking to your existing camera animation. You will not only be able so set a start and an endframe for the shaking, but you will too be able to fade the shaking in and out.

Furthermore it will come with a couple of presets for different typical scenarios.
The presets i have planned so far are:

  • “Free stand (Default)” – Standing still, filming free hand
  • “Free walk” – Walking, filming free hand
  • “Earthquake” – rapid shaking, like during an earthquake
  • “Car” – subtle, fast shaking. Like filming while sitting in a driving car

Until now there is of course no public usable version, but i will post an update and a download-link as soon as a first useable version is available.