Quick test in between: Exploding light bulb

Not much to say about. This is just a quick test, playing with glas in blender.

Rendering is done in Blender internal.

If i find the time i will let it render the hole explosion animation. But it’s quite slow in BI. Rendering each frame takes about 5 minutes.


The next weeks

Within the next couple of weeks i won’t have much time for Blender (unfortunately).
So don’t expect too much updates to this site.

I do have a couple of tutorials in the making though.
In my spare time i will try to finish the following Video-Tutorials:

  • Creating a realistc Barbwire in Blender (extendable and deformable)
  • Lighting a match (including animated Textures)

Here is an image of the barbwire you will create during the tutorial

And a short animation of the match lighting up:

Living in the slums

Yesterday i read about Blenderguru’s competition with the topic “living in the slums”.
As i really like the topic and especially the idea that the price for the competition goes to a charity, i thought this would be a good idea
and a welcomed break from my other projects, which are quite frustrating at the moment.

So here is a first clay rendering of the scene i’m modelling. Of course i won’t reveal the final scene until its finished. That would take away the surprise 🙂