Quick test in between: Exploding light bulb

Not much to say about. This is just a quick test, playing with glas in blender.

Rendering is done in Blender internal.

If i find the time i will let it render the hole explosion animation. But it’s quite slow in BI. Rendering each frame takes about 5 minutes.


Living in the slums

Yesterday i read about Blenderguru’s competition with the topic “living in the slums”.
As i really like the topic and especially the idea that the price for the competition goes to a charity, i thought this would be a good idea
and a welcomed break from my other projects, which are quite frustrating at the moment.

So here is a first clay rendering of the scene i’m modelling. Of course i won’t reveal the final scene until its finished. That would take away the surprise 🙂

Volcano Project: Lava flow test

This is a first test of the lava material i created for my volcano project.

After a couple of days without posting, i wanted to give you a quick update.
The last days were quite frustrating, because some of the effects i wanted to show off in my volcano project currently can’t be done
in a proper way in Blender. Mainly due to some limitations in the animation system. especially in the smoke simulator.
According to some infos i got from Jahka regarding the particle system, the smoke simulator currently handles frame as integers,
rather than doing correct subframe sampling. Because of that reason, smoke trails behind fast moving object tend to have gaps in them,
because the subframe position (emission) of the particles are not taken into account.

So if had to change (postpone) my actual volcano project. Instead i will do a 1-shot short version of the project for now.
In this short version there will be a stream of lave passing through the set. For that particular motion i did the following lava-tests.

I know that the Lava is flowing much too fast in this preliminary test, but that’s ok for me, as i wanted quick results in the way the hot and the cold lava behaves.
In the final version the fluid resolution will be much higher (less flickering on the borders) and much slower.
Of course i will add additional secondary effects like smoke, sparks, heat distortion and so on.

Here is a video of the flowing lava:

And some hires stills of the lava without motion blurring:

Taking a break from the new Blender Camera Tracker

Today i took a short break from playing with the new Camera Tracker inside of Blender.
I tried to model a Car tire, something i never did before.

This is what i came up with.
Everything is Blender internal, except for the texture on the side of the wheel, which i took from Andrew Price’s excellent Tutorial about tire modeling. (which i wish i had discovered before i modeled my version. That would have saved me a lot of headaches).

I thought this was too clean, so i did a “used” version:

And a third version, covered with Ivy: