The next weeks

Within the next couple of weeks i won’t have much time for Blender (unfortunately).
So don’t expect too much updates to this site.

I do have a couple of tutorials in the making though.
In my spare time i will try to finish the following Video-Tutorials:

  • Creating a realistc Barbwire in Blender (extendable and deformable)
  • Lighting a match (including animated Textures)

Here is an image of the barbwire you will create during the tutorial

And a short animation of the match lighting up:


Compositing: Undistorting footage in Blender

Here comes another quick-tip video for Blender.

This time it is about undistorting real-world footage inside blender’s compositor.
As many of you may know, blender’s brand new camera tracker is able to compensate lens distortion in video footage to track it correctly.

This is all fine and dandy, but after all you still have the distortion in your footage.

Blender’s compositor features a node for simulating lens-distortions. But this node can also be used to compensate or in many cases even eliminate lens distortion.
This short video tells you how…..