Camera shake addon: Cancelled

I cancelled the work on my Camera shake addon for now, because today i discovered that there is no need for it anymore.

By coincidence (working on another effect shot) i found out that there is now an option to place a start and an end frame (including fade-in / fade-out) in the noise modifier of the graph editor.
This new feature renders my camer-shake addon rather useless.

Gosh, Blender’s development pace is still more than incredible….


Blender: Light-wrap Node (free download)

Hi folks,
while working on my volcano shot i was in the need of a light-wrap node inside of Blender.
Unfortunately Blender doesn’t offer a light wrapper by default.
instead you have to create a node-group by yourself to get the desired function.

What does the light-wrap node do?
Light wrapping or sometimes light-spilling is a technique to better integrate foreground part of a shot with the background by blending the color of a defined pixel range
from the background onto your foreground image.

Here is a simple  example to show the functionality.



Combined with background, sunflare and vignette:

Although the effect is quite easy to achieve i think it is always convenient  to have it at hand.
So i packed it in a .blend file for you to download. I integrated some other useful effects other artists
came up with, like the famous vignette hack and a sunflare nodegroup used by Andrew Price and many others.

DOWNLOAD .blend file

Alternative DOWNLOAD

Blender Camera Tracker and Compositing test

As many of you might know, this years round of Google’s Summer of Code is now on full speed.

The integration of the libmv camera tracker library into Blender if of special interest for me.
Here is a preliminary test of incorporating a real actor, shot in front of a greenscreen into a CG environment.

You can watch the video in original 1280×720 on vimeo.
The greenscreen footage was taken from . They have some really nice footage free for erveryone to use and experiment with.

I know that there are many flaws in this particular shot, but after all it’s just a quick test. 😉